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How To Organize Things Before Your Wedding Day

wedding-ring-sets-his-and-hersBefore you schedule and finalize a date for your wedding day, you must make sure that everything is organized. From your wedding invitation to the reception and other minor details, you must be aware of these things first before it all goes chaotic on your big day. Lots of couples have made a mistake of doing things in rush and it has affected them negatively when their wedding date has finally arrived. Here you will find some tips on how you could organize all the things that need to be done before you say, “I do.”


  1. Schedule a realistic date that is not on a rush. Never get married a month from when you plan to do it. That’s just going to be torture even if you have a wedding planner. If you are seeing that it is going to involve more than 50 people, then chances are it is going to be one of those big weddings. It is best to at least plan 6 months before your wedding day, so you have more time.
  2. If you don’t want to hire a wedding planner to cut on cost, you can always do it yourself and with the help of your friends. But in order to keep things organize, we suggest that you buy an organizer kind of notebook noting all the tasks that you need to do. It is best to do it in a checklist kind of format so you are able to monitor the progress of the things that you have accomplished and the things that you still need to work on.
  3. The first thing that you need to put on that checklist is your ideal number of guest. It would be easier to plan your next steps once you have finalized that subject. From there you will be able to determine the amount of people you need to send your invitation to and even the food situation.
  4. Next are your weddings rings. You can buy them from a local store in your area or you can always check out some amazing deals online. We suggest to just get them online because this will save you time, money and energy. All that you need is to choose from the online store’s gallery and send them the sizes of your and your partner’s finger to make sure that they fit yours when they arrive. Pay them online using your card and just wait for them to be delivered. Now, how simple and awesome is that?
  5. Shopping for the perfect bridal dress. This is usually what could also take a lot of time for the bride to figure out. This is something that could also be done online if someone is really in a hurry. It is more advisable to have it custom made to make sure that the bride gets a unique and more personalized design.


Stay tuned for more of our tips when it comes to preparing for your big day. We still have a lot more in store for you to have an organized and well-planned wedding.

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