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How To Organize Things Before Your Wedding Day

wedding-ring-sets-his-and-hersBefore you schedule and finalize a date for your wedding day, you must make sure that everything is organized. From your wedding invitation to the reception and other minor details, you must be aware of these things first before it all goes chaotic on your big day. Lots of couples have made a mistake of doing things in rush and it has affected them negatively when their wedding date has finally arrived. Here you will find some tips on how you could organize all the things that need to be done before you say, “I do.”


  1. Schedule a realistic date that is not on a rush. Never get married a month from when you plan to do it. That’s just going to be torture even if you have a wedding planner. If you are seeing that it is going to involve more than 50 people, then chances are it is going to be one of those big weddings. It is best to at least plan 6 months before your wedding day, so you have more time.
  2. If you don’t want to hire a wedding planner to cut on cost, you can always do it yourself and with the help of your friends. But in order to keep things organize, we suggest that you buy an organizer kind of notebook noting all the tasks that you need to do. It is best to do it in a checklist kind of format so you are able to monitor the progress of the things that you have accomplished and the things that you still need to work on.
  3. The first thing that you need to put on that checklist is your ideal number of guest. It would be easier to plan your next steps once you have finalized that subject. From there you will be able to determine the amount of people you need to send your invitation to and even the food situation.
  4. Next are your weddings rings. You can buy them from a local store in your area or you can always check out some amazing deals online. We suggest to just get them online because this will save you time, money and energy. All that you need is to choose from the online store’s gallery and send them the sizes of your and your partner’s finger to make sure that they fit yours when they arrive. Pay them online using your card and just wait for them to be delivered. Now, how simple and awesome is that?
  5. Shopping for the perfect bridal dress. This is usually what could also take a lot of time for the bride to figure out. This is something that could also be done online if someone is really in a hurry. It is more advisable to have it custom made to make sure that the bride gets a unique and more personalized design.


Stay tuned for more of our tips when it comes to preparing for your big day. We still have a lot more in store for you to have an organized and well-planned wedding.

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How to Handle Wedding Giveaways

How to Handle Wedding GiveawaysIf you’re on a budget and you don’t really handle this topic for your wedding day, don’t worry because we got this for you. What we can do is guide you through how you would be able to pull this off on a tight wallet. You don’t need to go all Tiffany’s to everything! The simpler, the better. Less is more. Working this on a budget, you need to think about those things all the time. Going grand on wedding giveaways could be a tad unreasonable unless of course, you are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But if your net worth doesn’t really add up to those two, it’s time to hustle for the low cost yet presentable items.

Your best bet would be to make them yourselves. Get creative and do it yourself. There are lots of DYI giveaway ideas that you can find online. It could be a bracelet for the ladies and maybe just some miniature wine bottles for the guys. You can also have some Asian fans to giveaway and just put some paint on it or anything that you can think would be creative and hand it to your female guests.

Now that you on this DIY thing, might as well go full on by recycling. Lots of people have come up with really amazing ideas for their wedding giveaways using recycled items. You have already saved money for it and you even can save the environment. Marriage is not about how grand or expensive your giveaways or your wedding is anyway. It is about love, so I say don’t pressure yourself too much on those material things. Those are just side thing anyway. But I’m not saying go mediocre on it either. I’m just saying be reasonable and work on what you and your partner really has.

What happens in times like this is that the bride often overspend and no longer thinking about her spouse who is going to slave himself working all day in the office just to have those bills paid. Future wives, be sensitive. Your husband may not say things about it because he wants to spoil you, but it’s best to also know if he can afford it. And if you’re the one paying for it anyway, then it’s okay. But since it’s the two of you now, we all know it’s going to be a conjugal property.

You can always ask the help of your friends to put these all together. This is when you will know who your real friends are. If you’re on a budget and you ask favor from them to help you out with it. If they decline, then it’s not too late to scrap them off the wedding invitation.

These are just among the many things that you could do to pull off your wedding giveaways on a budget. Like I said earlier, it is not about the materials and the wedding itself, but it’s the love and the marriage that will count at the end of the day.

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Grooming for the Groom

Grooming for the GroomOn a wedding day, it is not just the bride that needs grooming, but the groom must be groomed as well. If you are the man who is about to get married, take notes of the things that we have for you here because you want to be presentable on your big day. As much as people would want the focus to be on your bride, it is your big day as well so you also deserve the spotlight. But okay, not too much that you outshine your bride. Our point here is that you also must be styled and groomed on your wedding day. Here are some of the things that you must remember.

1. Wedding Diet- unfortunately there is such a thing as a wedding day diet. This is preferred that you take action on at least a month before your wedding day.

2. Working Out- if you want a healthy marriage, you must work out and exercise! This doesn’t have to end after the wedding or before it; this has to go on until you get old. Hit the gym at least 4 times a week and you can just work out for half an hour if you’re really too busy. This way, you would fit to your wedding tux or suit when the big day comes.

3.Moisturize- most men are not vain, but you don’t have to be. Your skin needs to be moisturized. Having dry skin would make you look dull on your wedding photos and you don’t want that to happen. It is best that you achieve some healthy glowing skin once the flash of the camera strikes on your face.

4. Skin Care Routine- if you think this stuff is only for girls, then you’re wrong. Wash, tone and moisturize. These are the 3 basic steps of skin care. Do it in the morning before you eat breakfast and do it at night before you hit the sack.

5. Facial- I’m not talking about washing your face, I’m talking about hitting a facial salon at least a week before your wedding day. Don’t do it the day before by the way and don’t ever do it hours before your wedding day because your face would experience a little bit of trauma from the pricking. There is a chance that you could look weird when it is photo time!

6. Visit the dentist at least two weeks before the big day and make sure that your teeth are on point as well. Put some white strips on your teeth about overnight for the next 2 weeks and you will be surprised to see how your pearly whites could sparkle on your wedding day.

These are easy things that you could do for grooming. You don’t need to hire a stylist for your everyday grooming before the wedding day. But on the big day itself, maybe you would need some help from a professional but until then, you’re on your own and these are the things that you could do.

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Wedding Dresses

Wedding DressesThere comes a time in each of your lives where you yearn to look the most beautiful and admired above all. You want to have the feeling of being most distinguished, notable and obviously worth an eye. As soon as your marriage gets on the wedding cards, the search for a perfect wedding dress for your big day of your dream starts to commence. In this epoch of ostentatious parties, splendid marriage venues and sumptuous food-menus, what must not slip off our minds is our wedding dress which should be as attractive that can catch everybody’s attention that are the part of the wedding.

The styles of wedding dresses fluctuate from one custom to another. They also differ in shape, colour, sizes and style. While, western culture gives approval to the free-flowing, attractive white gowns which do not focuses on attractive and bright colours and intense embellishment, the wedding dresses of eastern culture highlights further on heavy ornamentations and beautifications, bright and loud colours like red, maroon, magenta, pink with shimmering golden and silver works attached to them.

Wedding dresses are the central part of your big wedding day that must be selected with maximum thoughtfulness, love and care. It is essential to go for the most appropriate wedding dress that can complement your body type and that would fit and flatter best on your figure. It doesn’t matter if your body shape is not ideal or if you are an hourglass, boyish, short or voluptuous shaped; you don’t need to worry anything about the size. You won’t have to hunt from one store to another even if you do not belong to the world of zero figure and perfect body shape because these days wedding dresses are easily obtainable for all the body sizes and length.

For those who possess the perfect body type and curves and the one who can effortlessly clutch the poise to flaunt your wedding dress well must go for the hourglass shaped wedding dress. These types of dresses would emphasize the slimness of your waist and drift away from your waist to the feet forming a perfect umbrella.

Never mind if your body type is some extent not exactly like the hour glassed and approximately perfect, a rectangle shaped wedding dress would build this chimera of the pear-shaped body which will highlight the beauty of your body.

Wedding dresses are equally important for a groom. Although they do not have to stress out from one store to another for getting the most appropriate wedding dress, yet some of the guys are selective for their outfit and when it’s about their wedding dress, they are even more possessive. Most of the grooms prefer a black or royal blue tuxedo or a classy suit with a beautiful and neat tie.

An erroneous preference for a wedding dress can lead to fade and dull the complete appearance of your bridal look whereas the accurate wedding dress can speculate your big- day adding charisma and splendour paving the way for a cheerful and blissful life ahead.

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Wedding Cakes

Wedding CakeOne of the most special days of our life is perhaps our “Wedding Day”. The couple gives their best to convey their love, care, gratitude, and warmth for the guests. Despite the fact that it is a long-established culture simplified with the passage of time, every sensible couple, however, tries to tag on everything commonly practiced. An exclusive invitation card, welcome drink, the lip-smacking food of different types, desert everything need to be planned with proper care to impress the guests.

A wedding cake is a traditional cake served at the reception party following the dinner. It is undeniably one of the major elements of the day. Every couple wants people to mill around and admire it. It is a symbolic representation of a couple’s new union. The right wedding cake can take the breath away of all your guests, and make them restless to take a bite.

As it is a big purchase, much time and idea needs to be devoted to deciding the perfect cake. If you have never planned a wedding before, you may find it difficult figuring out where to start from.
If you are tired of seeing the traditional three tiers type with simple white frosting; search online to find your dream piece. If you are looking for a very formal or classic type, carry out your search accordingly. These days, however, many couples are looking for an unconventional wedding theme.

There are couples who are so fascinated about their wedding cake; they fail to realize that each embellishment and every twists and turn embedded in the cake has a cost. You are advised to clear it out with your baker how much will be the charge of the cake and the added features.

Convey your baker about the details of your wedding. If you are planning to have your wedding on the beach or anywhere else where it is open, inform your baker about this. The Baker may plan it in a way that suits the ambience.

The cake being an important part of the wedding celebration, it is essential to follow some tips:
• Check on the length of time required for you in ordering your wedding cake
• Confirm the details of the cake and its cost
• Choose the right bakeshop
• Share the wedding theme with the baker
• State your budget and number of guests
• Decide a flavor that everyone would appreciate
• Where to place the cake
• If you want flowers as decoration

It is not only not the exquisite taste, but the cake is a class works of art. You can now place the order for your wedding cake online from the comfort of your home and have it delivered right to your doorsteps. Choose a baker assuring quality and timely delivery. Explore a comprehensive vendor catalogue online; look for the most dependable one in your location, read the customer reviews and then place the order. Wedding cakes are also perfect gift items to celebrate the lucky couple.

Glamorize your wedding with a perfect wedding cake!

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The Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses 2015

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